Cerebral palsy can create challenges for those wishing to live independently, but with the right support it is possible to live a rich and fulfilling life without the limitations of institutionalised care.

Overcoming the difficulties associated with cerebral palsy is closely linked with a positive mindset, and living independently can make all the difference to an individual’s outlook. This is why Nobilis in-home care works to empower clients with cerebral palsy, giving them confidence and self-belief. Helping with the physical problems brought by cerebral palsy is only the starting point; we know emotional wellbeing is just as important and our fully-trained carers work on this area with equal expertise.

Treatment of cerebral palsy requires a multi-disciplinary approach and Nobilis carers will complement the work of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists. We understand the needs of clients with cerebral palsy, so as well as performing the tasks which keep them safe and comfortable in their own home, we work with them to help manage their condition and improve their quality of life.

Your Nobilis cerebral palsy carer will help in many ways:

  • Taking time to understand your loved one’s treatment programme, liaising with medical professionals where necessary.
  • Working with them to help maximise the benefits of this treatment.
  • Listening carefully to their needs, ensuring an adaptive response to any changes in the severity of symptoms.
  • Encouraging, stimulating and reassuring them, providing companionship as well as care.

We always treat our homecare clients as individuals, because everyone is unique. And we know cerebral palsy is a condition which is itself different in every case. That’s why your loved one’s care programme will be constructed specifically around their needs and regularly reviewed.

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