Learning disabilities present very different challenges from those dealt with by most in-home care agencies. At Nobilis, we understand the process of support, communication and choice enablement which allow those with learning disabilities to live independently, without having to stay in residential communities or with family.

Our learning disabilities homecare is focused on enabling an individual to function constructively within their community. Naturally we ensure your loved one is safe and secure, as well as maintaining effective household management. However, our priority is to support and encourage them in the processes of daily life. After all, it is their life to live; we simply empower them in doing just that rather than removing real independence.

Caring for someone with learning disabilities means understanding both the condition and the person being cared for. That’s why your learning disabilities carer is:

  • Fully trained and backed up by an experienced support team.
  • Carefully matched with your loved one to ensure a good relationship is established.
  • Skilled in creative use of speech and language, making effective communication possible.
  • Completely flexible, adapting to the changing needs of the individual and never feeling tied to habit or routine if it’s not appropriate to the situation in hand.
  • Constantly reviewing the in-home care plan to ensure it is still appropriate for the client.

Where learning disabilities create challenges, we create opportunities. Our skilled, compassionate support provides a framework in which an individual can flourish – not being stifled by care but empowered through it. Your loved one will gain more control over their lives and the emotional benefits of that are considerable, both for the individual and their families.

Our clients are all unique, which is why we devise homecare plans specifically around their needs.

They are also full of potential, which is why we’re so determined to help them achieve new goals every day.
Our advisers will explain how Nobilis in-home care will transform the life of the person with learning disabilities who is special to you.

You can speak to them now on:

03333 444880

Alternatively, send an email to the learning disabilities homecare providers