About Us

Nobilis Care was founded in 2008 by Nicky and David Watt following their own poor experiences of finding quality care for a family member and the difficulties we encountered.

They have worked tirelessly for the last eleven years building up a business delivering a service they are truly proud of, giving clients and their families peace of mind, care and support to be able to continue to live at home.

Our reputation has been built, above all, on the quality and dignity of our care service. It is what our customers want and deserve, and it is what gives us our edge over other homecare agencies.

At the heart of Nobilis is you, the client.   And this is reflected in everything we do:

  • recruiting the very best field and office staff,
  • providing unrivalled quality and depth of training,
  • ensuring regular and effective daily communications with you,
  • really listening and devising a care plan for you that ensures things get done your way

It’s all about providing a really personal and professional care service in a dignified and respectful way.

We’re different

Care is at the very heart of our home care services; we really do care and this sets the standard for everything we do. We set the bar high. We always remember that we are caring for people, not names on a roster, and everyone within the Nobilis team believes that it’s so much more than a job – it’s a responsibility and a passion. That’s why if we find something unexpected that needs to be done when we call, we just take care of it. No fuss, no trouble, and at no extra cost to you.

We pay our carers more than most agencies.  This means we attract and keep the best staff, so that your loved one receives the high quality care they deserve.  They’re thoroughly vetted, intensively trained and become part of a family of carers who support and learn from one another. And we love the fact that the carers we choose for your parent or relative will soon become like one of your own family. We know how important it is to form close, trusting relationships. So your hand-picked team of carers sticks with you, bringing familiarity, trust and true companionship into the home they are helping preserve.

Keeping people independent is only the start for us. Living at home should be a rich and satisfying experience, which is why we work with you to restore quality of life as well. Our carers do more than take care of your loved one; they’ll share a joke, take time to listen and build a friendship rooted in trust.  They’ll encourage, reassure and reinvigorate, because warm interaction is vital to life.  A hand that’s held with genuine feeling can transform your loved one’s day.

Whatever your reason for needing us, we have the expertise and experience to support you. From people with Parkinson’s and dementia to stroke and palliative care needs, we provide compassionate and skilled support which simply makes life better.

Take the first step to quality home care

It’s still a big step, we know. You’re asking strangers into a family home and entrusting them with great responsibility. Be assured that countless others have started this same journey with Nobilis and been so pleased they did.  You can see what they have to say on our customers page…

Remember, our in-home care isn’t limited to lists of conventional tasks; it’s defined and determined by you.  Tell us your idea of the perfect home care package, then we’ll work with you to make it happen.

Take that first step towards eliminating stress, restoring the pleasures of life and replacing worry with peace of mind.  Call us now on 03333 444880 or send an email to the South’s premier home care services provider at enquiries@nobilis.co.uk

We’re looking forward to showing you the valuable difference we can make in your family’s life.

Our staff

We are committed to employing only the very best home carers.

We know that the homecare role can be both demanding and sometimes stressful.

Understanding this, Nobilis is hugely focused on training and supporting our team to help them deliver the very best care for our clients.

Our criteria to join Nobilis Care

The truth is we’re incredibly discerning when it comes to our staff. We’re picky and we make no apology for this.

All Nobilis staff are selected primarily on the basis of their ethos and values rather than necessarily having previous care experience.  We know that we can teach care skills, but it is much harder to teach people to be reliable, responsive, supportive, caring, approachable, flexible, thoughtful, personable and thorough.  These are the qualities we are looking for.

Candidates must also be able to demonstrate unquestionable honesty and integrity. We insist on full references and searches on all new employees including DBS (formerly Criminal Records Bureau) checks.

Our training approach

We are proud of the level of training each and every one of our carers receives. Initial induction training is delivered by our  experienced trainer, and delivers a standard of training which exceeds the requirements as set by the Care Sector Council, Skills for Care.

Whether staff have 20 years care experience or are new to care, every new member of our team receives the same training to ensure everybody is fully up to date on legislation, responsibilities and best practice and can deliver to the high standards of care we expect from anybody wearing the Nobilis uniform.

The training is both academic and very “hands on”. Initial days are spent in the classroom covering legal responsibilities of professional carers as well as health and safety regulations, infection control, and first aid to name but a few. The training involves role plays, practical moving and positioning assessments, home skills work, learning journals and group discussions. Where it all comes together is out in the community when new staff ‘shadow’ (ride along) with existing experienced Nobilis staff. This is vital not only for them to meet existing team members but also to introduce new staff to our clients and to show them particular client needs.  Once signed off as competent in practical skills by our “mentors” they are allowed to operate independently.

But it does not stop there.  Once carers have completed a three month probation period following their induction, we feel that the basic skills have been bedded in.  Its then time to start enhancing their learning.  Depending on the type of clients that they support, carers will return to the classroom for frequent specialist skills training throughout the year – this will include specialist conditions such as Palliative Care, Dementia or Parkinson’s Disease, as well as topics that enhance their overall care knowledge for example “Understanding the Mental Capacity Act”.  We also have a staff website which is loaded with further learning materials that allow carers to expand and deepen their professional and practical knowledge on areas that interest them.

Our Care staff have told us in recent appraisals

“We are better trained here at Nobilis Care than anywhere I have worked before”

“I am made to feel part of the team here”

“It’s great to know I can rely on back-up support from my team manager and colleagues”

“I feel it is a special place to work because you are really a part of something and making a difference in someone’s life. You can always go home and feel proud of the organisation you work for and stand by what they do”

“Nobilis Care also care about me!”

“You get trained to really take care of clients and families – not just physical tasks but how to be a GOOD carer”

Professional Memberships

Care Quality Commission (CQC)

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspects and reports on all social care services in England and Wales. As the social care watchdog, their mandate is to raise standards and stamp out bad practice, making social care better for the people receiving care.

About a year after Nobilis was launched, we were inspected by CQC’s predecessor (CSCI) and were awarded “2 stars – Good”, which is the highest that as a new organisation were able to receive.

Importantly, when it came to the inspectors verbal feedback and the report’s recommendations for improvement we were proud that there were “no recommendations listed for things Nobilis could be doing better”

Since that time, CQC has ceased issuing star ratings, much to our disappointment, as we believed we are performing at “3 star – excellent” level.  Instead they simply now inspect for “complaince against standards”, which we pass with flying colours!

During inspections CQC will:

  • Talk to our clients (and sometimes our clients’ relatives)
  • Look at how the service is run including staff recruitment, training and staff support
  • Scrutinise how well our clients have been cared for
  • Review paperwork to ensure all documentation is up to date.

UK Homecare Association (UKHCA)


The UKHCA is the representative body for organisations that provide care to people in their own homes. It identifies and promotes the highest standards of home care and represents the views of its members with policy-makers and regulators.

Nobilis has been an active member organisation of UKHCA since 2008

The Association also promotes training and development of individuals and organisations providing home care.

Organisations that join the UKHCA agree to abide by the Association’s Code of Practice, and you should ensure that any company you approach for home care assistance is a member of UKHCA. The Association represents over 1,600 members across the United Kingdom.

Nobilis has been an active member organisation of UKHCA since 2008

Click here to see the UKHCA Code of Practice

Where do we cover

While starting in Hampshire, we have grown to 5 branches covering:

  • Hampshire North (and just into Surrey)
  • Southampton and Hampshire South (including Winchester, Eastleigh, Fareham and Gosport)
  • Gloucestershire
  • South Gloucestershire
  • North Somerset

Take a look at the map to see if we cover where you live.

Many people live in rural and hard to reach locations, which some care agencies find difficult to accommodate. This can result in limited services being offered or in some cases no services at all.

Recognising this problem, we have recruited quality carers in these areas and pay our carers to travel where required – ensuring that our services are made available to all clients in these harder to reach locations.

Because we believe where you live should not result in you forgoing a service of choice.

If you have any problems in accessing services due to location please contact us.

I wanted to thank you all once again for the excellent service you provided us at a time of crisis for our mother. Your agency shone out with compassion and capability compared with everyone else we were talking to at the time and I would have no hesitation in recommending you as outstanding in your service.

We tried very hard to keep mum out of a nursing home for as long as possible and a very large part of the credit goes to the girls at Nobilis

Mum didn't really like the idea of having support but she is actually very happy with the way things are going at the moment. Having a key worker is very important so that she sees a familiar face every day instead of seeing different people all the time

I have used several agencies, all have different standards. Nobilis is at the top of the list (Very Good!). The standard of care is high, they do this job because they want to, not because they cant get anything else. Keep it up! Nobilis is flexible (ie take me shopping, swimming etc), caring and importantly intelligent high standard staff

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the very efficient way your company has provided care, and for the very high standard of carers. Everyone has been pleasant, cheerful and efficient and I would ask you to pass on our grateful thanks to all who have been involved