Hospital Discharge

As the old saying goes, “There’s no place like home!” But when you’ve been in hospital a while, home can actually seem a lot less inviting than it used to.

Many people feel great anxiety when it’s time to be discharged. We all know patients aren’t kept in hospital as long as in days gone by and frequently they need more looking after before they’re properly recovered. That’s where Nobilis in-home care can provide the short-term support necessary to get people back on their feet.

Major surgery or debilitating illness can leave someone weakened and vulnerable on their return home. For many elderly patients in particular, the sudden transition from constant care and attention to an empty home can be stressful and difficult to cope with. Fortunately, Nobilis in-home care services can bridge the gap between hospital discharge and full recovery, keeping patients safe, comfortable and happy.

Your fully trained Nobilis carer will provide whatever level of support you require, but typically we will:

  • Deal with all aspects of personal care, including washing, dressing and continence issues.
  • Manage all necessary household tasks, such as cleaning, cooking and shopping.
  • Handle any necessary aspects of household management, such as paying bills, arranging repairs or dealing with callers.
  • Assist with the process of rehabilitation, including providing reassurance and companionship.

Our aim is to restore our clients to the point where they are confident and happy to return to fully independent lives. That’s why we don’t just do jobs for people, but use our experience to judge when it’s time to start helping them do those jobs for themselves – with all the support they need.

Our hospital discharge home care services are flexible and built around your needs. Where necessary we will liaise with medical professionals to ensure the care provided is working in harmony with ongoing treatments or rehabilitation plans. We can also respond at short notice, ensuring your in-home care is ready when you need it.

If a loved one is facing this problem, contact us now to see how Nobilis in-home care can take the stress and anxiety out of hospital discharge. Home should be a place of security and rest – especially after illness. We’ll make sure it’s exactly that.

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