Multiple Sclerosis

In-home care from Nobilis enables those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis to live independent, fulfilling lives. It’s easy to see this condition as restricting, but we prefer to view the personalised care plan devised for our clients as liberating. Our fully-trained carers know the challenges presented by multiple sclerosis and are skilled in meeting these with a positive, encouraging spirit that transforms lives for the better.

Multiple sclerosis homecare requires very specific strategies and your carer brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to improve your loved one’s quality of life, including:

  • Being responsive to changes in the condition, such as sudden fatigue, and adapting care as needed.
  • Liaising with health professionals where necessary to ensure the in-home care is working in harmony with medical treatment and therapy plans.
  • Working to enable the individual, not simply performing tasks but working with them to develop self-help strategies.
  • Building a solid relationship rooted in trust, encouragement, sensitivity and reassurance, helping the individual move forward positively.

One-size-fits-all homecare is not appropriate for the complex needs of multiple sclerosis. With Nobilis you receive a carer trained in multiple sclerosis care and a care plan created in close consultation with both client and their family. It is unique to that individual because that individual is unique! We also keep the plan under review so it will always form a snug fit around the client’s needs and the family’s life.

The relationship between client and carer is of the utmost importance to us; that’s why we take care to choose the right person to work with your loved one. The companionship, encouragement and good humour shared in these relationships are so important in finding the best in life.

You can speak with one of our knowledgeable advisers, who will be able to explain how our multiple sclerosis in-home care services can transform your loved one’s life.

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